Hi! I'm Giovanni Abbatepaolo :)

When I grow up I want to be an information architect: I *deeply* like organizing information (but also other stuff, like shelves and drawers).

Currently looking for an MA in the field.

At the moment I'm co-coordinator @ La Scuola Open Source. We're working on organizing all their data and trying to map all the processes and procedures, in order to make them more accessible for members.

I see a strong bond between information architecture and learning. I think that properly organized information (both semantically and visually) can really help people understand even hard concepts.

My BA thesis (you can read it here – italian only, sry) deals exactly with topic. I designed an application that can help people easily rearrange and structure visually the content of books (I'll develop it soon).

BA: Graphic Design and Visual Communication @ ISIA Urbino

Because of this bond between information architecture and learning, I also like teaching. I have a background in graphic design, book design, typography. And I like to code – so I teach generative graphics, generative books, generative typography.

Some workshops:

Last but not least: I like to code tools for designers – mostly web apps but also simple python scripts.

All code is open source (and moderately documented). Here's my GitHub.

Some tools:

If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to email me!